Our Mission

Qobit aims to democratize cryptocurrency investing and trading, making it accessible and reliable for seasoned investors and new users alike. To date, the crypto investing space is still pretty limited for early adopters and sophisticated investors, Qobit strongly believes that the rest of the world should be able to participate in this exciting and promising digital economy in a simple and trustworthy way and reap the benefits in a prudent and safe manner.

Introducing Qobit (2min 16sec)

About Qobit

Qobit is an all-in-one cryptocurrency investment ecosystem with a strong focus on user experience, social trading and knowledge sharing. The Qobit platform is built with simplicity, functionality, and security in mind. It is an invaluable tool - well suited for both seasoned and beginner investors. Qobit allows beginner investors to enter the highly lucrative crypto assets market with reduced risk and let seasoned traders offer value-added services to their follower base and be rewarded with tokens from their followers.

  • Trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from a mobile device or desktop
  • Store and exchange crypto or tokenized assets in one central wallet
  • Subscribe to successful traders' signals where Qobit will mimic the trades for users automatically
  • Subscribe to index fund strategies where Qobit will mimic and automate the portfolio allocation for users
  • Access to crowdsourced and pre-vetted important cryptocurrency news and signals

Qobit Ecosystem


Different wallets to store different tokens

Token holders will normally store the tokens bought on their own wallets for security reasons.

However every token has its own wallet, and corresponding private keys and passwords.


Our Universal Wallet allows users to store and manage their coins and tokens with just one familiar interface and one password (or private key).


Too many cryptocurrency exchange accounts

The average trader will have at least 2-3 exchange accounts because different tokens are listed on different exchanges.

Managing portfolio and trading across different exchanges is a pain in the neck.


Our Portfolio Trading App that runs on mobile, desktop and web browsers will serve as one single interface to trade across major cryptocurrency exchanges.


Not experienced enough to invest confidently

Majority of the members do not have the time nor the experience to evaluate and trade cryptocurrencies

and yet they want to join in the fun and make some profits.


Our social trading features will allow star traders (our experienced members) to share their trading signals with our inexperience members.

Members could also subscribe to index fund portfolio allocation and rebalancing strategies

All of these are done automatically with members still in control with their own trading funds and wallet.


New or rare tokens are hard to purchase

Some new and promising tokens are not listed on exchanges, and the way to get them is through decentralized exchanges (e.g EtherDelta), whose interface is hard to use and navigate.


Our members can purchase highly sought-after but scarce tokens painlessly from our Universal Wallet.


Information overload and disinformation

Unverifiable and fake information abound in the cryptocurrency market

Important news and events are missed (good news and bad news)


Our bots and crowdsourced information provide timely news, research, sentiments analysis and price movements to our members

Members are motivated to share and moderate the news and information through our gamification and reward systems

Token Utility

The QOBI Token is the driving force behind the Qobit ecosystem. Based on the ERC20 standard, it’s a utility token - similar to tokens from Binance, Huobi Pro, and OKEX.

Users can earn or buy QOBI tokens and use them to unlock access to premium features and services across the platform.

QOBI tokens have three main utilities.

  • Users can lock in QOBI for access to advanced features;
  • Pay QOBI for premium services;
  • Reward QOBI to other users.

The QOBI Token is the fuel in the Qobit that unleash the full potential of the ecosystem. Remember to get your self some QOBI tokens today!

Introducing Token


2018 Architecture Q2
  • Historical/Real-time Data Collection
  • Cross-Region High Availability and Load Balancing
2018 V1.0 Q3
  • Portfolio Tracker - Integration with Exchanges
  • Alerts - Price/Technical Indicator Tracking
  • Price Watch
  • Market Calendar
  • Cross Exchange Trading Engine - 5 Exchanges
  • Market Data Aggregation - Dashboard
2018 V2.0 Q4
  • Wallet Tracker
  • Price Movement Bot
  • Sector Classification & Index
  • Copy Trading - Manual
  • Cross Exchange Trading Engine - 15 Exchanges
  • Universal Wallet
2019 V3.0 Q1
  • Automated Trading Engine
  • Copy Trading - Auto
  • Token Exchange Engine
  • Sentiment Analysis Bot
2019 V4.0 Q2
  • Fund wallet
  • Automated Investment Engine
  • Index Fund Platform
  • Fiat Gateway

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